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We are savings our clients on average $6,383 per placement compared to traditional recruitment models. We want to share real life examples of savings we provided for our clients. We believe that numbers always speak louder than words.

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Dennis Harms (Sandberg Phoenix) talks about The Staff Pad

Client Testimonial – Neil Faux, Managing Director, BRG



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client testimonials 

I just wanted to take a few moments to express sincere gratitude to Jessica and Staffpad for providing an exciting opportunity with a firm that I was just recently placed in and have started with. So far in my first week I have felt that this team is quite tight knit and collegial. I am quite happy that I will have such a warm environment to continue to grow my career as an attorney and appreciate being placed into a great firm. I’d recommend their services to those in need of a change in their professional career.


Scott Hernandez, Attorney

Our organization was hit hard by the pandemic. Using recruiters who charge 20% of salary was out of the question for our cash-strapped business. When The Staff Pad approached us with their monthly subscription hiring method, I thought it too good to be true. But here we are, 5 months in and so grateful for the talent they have brought through our doors!


Sammy Winchell, Creative Director

Williams-Stamble LLC

“Staff Pad did a fantastic job for us. We were very impressed with the quality and timeliness of each candidate that was sent our way.”


Joe Caldwell, Chief Business Officer

Western Healthcare

Jessica and Hanna became an extension of our company! Hiring them to handle all our HR needs from job descriptions, to onboarding left us with the time we needed to complete new product launches. We are so grateful for their services and recommend them to anyone looking to outsource talent and HR needs.


Michael J. Carter, COO

Automotive Supplies Corp.

Hiring The Staff Pad to handle all our hiring needs was the best decision we could have made for our fast-growing tech business. We need a new sales person starting at least once a month, and The Staff Pad handled that request with ease!


Jessica J. Aumiller, Sales Director

Revel POS Operations

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What is the biggest benefits of subscription recruiting?

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Let’s talk about which industries and companies can benefit the most from subscription recruiting. 

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In this episode Corey talks about benefits of tring sunscription recruiting. 

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