Benefits of Subscription Recruiting for Small Businesses 

Small businesses of 500 or fewer employees make up 99% of all U.S. businesses. These companies are the backbone of the American economy. One common goal of a small or large business is finding and hiring the best talent available. 

Problems and Challenges Small Businesses Face when Recruiting: :

  • People wear many hats: 
    • Recruiting and hiring might be handled by someone who has other full-time duties. 
    • Being inexperienced with recruiting can be expensive to a company – requires massive amounts of unforeseen time to source and coordinate various things with candidates.  
  • Competing with large companies for top talent: 
    • Attracting top talent ongoing takes unique resources and real-time market knowledge. 
  • Traditional recruiting fees are EXPENSIVE: 
    • 20% fees based on salaries is typical. 

We eliminated these problems and challenges to build a cohesive relationship with the client to focus on every role equally and provide a cost-effective solution. 

Benefits of Staff Pad’s Subscription Recruiting:

  • We handle the heavy lifting of hiring so you can focus on your business: 
    • Our dedicated team has worked with 190+ companies and placed 1,000s of professionals. 
  • We attract top talent to your company ongoing: 
    • This approach increases your talent pool and reacts to hiring markets in real-time to attract the best talent for you. 
  • NO fees based on salaries: 
    • We save clients up to 68% on their recruiting costs compared to traditional pricing. 

Cost Savings Example: 

For hiring the 3 roles below, many recruiting agencies would charge an average of $52,000 in fees (20% of salary). With our Tier 1 service level, you would save $22,000 and have 9 more available hires to include over 6 months with no additional charges. 

Roles  Salary (est)  Total Salaries  Avg Fees – 20%  Staff Pad 
VP of BD  $130,000   $130,000   $26,000   $30,000  
Account Rep (2)  $65,000   $130,000   $26,000    
      $52,000   $30,000  
      Total Savings   $22,000 

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