Benefits of Subscription Recruiting for Manufacturing Professionals 

The growth outlook of the manufacturing industry looks promising, but new hiring challenges come with the evolving market. With the rise of advanced technologies used in manufacturing processes, required skillsets are shifting and labor shortages are changing recruiting strategies.  

Problems and Challenges:

  • Labor shortages and increased hiring competition: 
      • Labor shortages are difficult to navigate with inexperienced recruiters. 
      • Skillsets are shifting due to advanced technologies.  
      • Aging and retiring workforce. 
  • Fees based on salaries and high temporary worker fees:
      • Recruiting firms charge fees ranging from 15-20%+ based on the candidate’s salaries. 
  • Recruiting disconnects
      • Outsourced recruiters will turn their attention to easy to fill roles or ones with higher salaries to generate the highest commissions for themselves.   

We eliminated this approach to build a cohesive relationship with the client that focuses on every role equally and to drive a cost-effective solution. 

Benefits of Staff Pad’s Subscription Recruiting:

  • A consistent recruiting service for 6-12 months.
    • Strategies for ongoing hiring processes to stay ahead of the hiring curve.
    • A consistent recruiting service for 6-12 months. 
  • NO fees based on salaries.
      • We save clients up to 68% on their recruiting costs compared to traditional pricing. 
  • We become an ongoing extension of your team
      • The unique model creates custom solutions to lower turnover rates.
      • Create wider talent pools with broader skills to match advancing technologies.  

    Cost Savings Example: 

    For hiring the 12 roles below over 6 months, many recruiting agencies would charge an average of $148,000 in fees for direct hires (20% of salary). With our Tier 1 service level, you would save $118,000 


    Salary (est) 

    Total Salaries 

    Avg Fees – 20% 

    Staff Pad 

    Manager/Supervisor (2) 





    Technician (6) 





    Assembler/General Labor (4) 


















    Total Savings  







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