How did we save our clients $1.52 million in 2022?

2022 Year in Review…

2022 brought with it much excitement and gratitude here at The Staff Pad. We are extremely grateful to our clients with whom we have formed collaborative and service-oriented partnerships and to our partners that have supported us in laying the groundwork that enabled us to bring the vision of our company forward.

As shared earlier in the year, we were fortunate enough to grow over 600% during the course of the year. With that growth came the opportunity to…

Expand our company footprint nationally
Grow and scale our business development and recruitment teams
Focus on new verticals of service
Implement new technology and tools to further increase efficiency and add value.


Most exciting of all is that we were able to save our clients more than $1.52 million dollars (an average of $6,383 per placement) compared to traditional recruitment models!

We look forward to 2023, continued growth, and the opportunity to help companies in meeting their goals and strategic objectives through partnership, collaboration, and service.


$1.52 m

(avg of $6,383 per hire)

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