Optimize Your Hiring: Subscription Model Offers Continuous Support and Cost Savings

What if a recruitment solution not only saved your company money but also provided continuous support year-round?

Imagine having all your recruitment needs covered for an entire year, often for the cost equivalent to hiring just two new employees.


Let’s delve into how a subscription model can transform your hiring experience and boost your bottom line.

Traditional hiring methods often come with hefty price tags. From placement fees to onboarding expenses, the costs can quickly add up.

According to data from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) the average onboarding cost per hire is about $4,100, including interviewing, and onboarding expenses.

If you were to hire two employees at $85,000 each, a traditional contingent hiring agency would typically charge an average placement fee of 0.25% of each employee’s annual salary. For both employees, this would amount to $42,500 in placement fees.

Moreover, contingent hiring agencies typically only guarantee their placements for 90 days. After this period, if an employee leaves, you’re back to square one, facing the same recruitment cycle and additional costs for replacements.


Subscription Model:

Instead of paying exorbitant fees for individual hires, a subscription service provides you with unlimited recruitment support for an entire year, all for the cost you would typically pay for just two placements. You’ll have access to a dedicated team of recruitment specialists who are committed to finding the best talent for your company, whenever you need it.

By opting for a subscription model, you save on upfront hiring costs and also gain the peace of mind knowing that your recruitment needs are covered for the entire year.

A continuous support allows you to fill new or replacement positions as needed, without the hassle of going through the recruitment process from scratch.

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