Subscription Recruiting vs Traditional Recruiting

Traditional recruiting models are… 

  • Structured to charge 15%-20% salary-based fee for each placement made. 
  • Requisition specific with little flexibility to pivot or change direction without additional costs. 
  • Difficult to implement alongside your internal teams because of misaligned incentives creating friction, conflict, and a feeling of competition
  • Transactional placing emphasis on positions perceived to be easier to fill or that will yield higher revenue and moving on to other ‘low hanging fruit’.  

    The Staff Pad’s subscription recruiting model was built to disrupt the direct hire recruitment industry, addressing legacy pain-points, and adding long-term value and cost savings for our clients.  

    Subscription Recruiting  

    No fees based on salaries leads to overall lower cost.

    Consistent and transparent budget for fixed term spreading recruitment cost out over time.

    Ongoing extension of your team, aligned with your current needs and long-term strategy.

    Prioritization based on where client wants focus treating all roles equally.

    Align incentives with the internal team to strengthen and support collaboration, strategy, and reach in the market.

    Flexible to client’s needs working on what they want, when they want.

    No name clears, candidate ownership, or paid replacements for hires who don’t work out.


    Traditional Recruiting   

    Charges 15-20% salary-based fee for every placement.

    Large peaks and valleys in spending make it difficult to plan.

    Place and move on mentality.

    Focuses on easier to fill or higher commission roles.

    Firms compete with client’s internal recruitment team.

    Requisition specific with little ability to change and flex.

    Competition, competition, and more competition…






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