Tips For Efficient Interviewing Processes 

As the unemployment rate remains under 5% (as of January 2022), companies scramble to find ways to expedite their hiring processes to attract amazing candidates and entice them to join their company. 

In our recent blog post 3 Tips For Faster Hiring Processes, we covered how the current hiring market is moving at lightning speed and offered tips to expedite the entire hiring process. We wanted to expand on the topic of interviews by providing tips on how to create more efficient interview processes.  

Not only are interviews important to highlight your company and core values, but you must gain all the information needed to make a fast decision on each candidate you interview. One of the biggest problems we see with companies losing top candidates is being slow with response times and dragging out interview processes.  

Here are a few tips to improve your interviewing processes: 

Contact candidates quickly:  

  • Within 24-48 hours candidates applying set initial phone screens for those who appear to be potential fits. If they’re not a fit for your company, respond in the same time period with a rejection note.  
  • If they pass the phone screen, set the first formal interview with the appropriate hiring managers.  

Use personality assessments after initial phone screen: 

  • Assessments require time commitments from candidates and can be a deterrent if used before direct conversations with your company.  
  • If you use assessments, provide these to candidates after their initial phone screen. 

Don’t wait to respond: 

  • If selected for a formal interview, notify the candidate within 12-24 hours or less.  
  • Use a 24-hour deadline to gain feedback from hiring managers after the first interview takes place.  

Limit the number of interviews: 

  • Strive to have maximum of 2 interviews (video or in-person), then decide to make an offer. In some cases, you may need more than two interviews, but we recommend not dragging these out. 
  • Keep the 2-interview process to one week if possible.   

Bonus Tip: If you know your core values, then finding and hiring people who match these should take less time.  

Make an offer to the candidate within 24 hours 

After the second interview, make an offer or decline the candidate within 24 hours. 

The market is moving too fast to be indecisive with candidates.  

We cannot state enough how important it is to be fast and efficient with your hiring processes.  The candidate’s market has created unprecedented competition. 

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