3 Tips for Faster Hiring Processes 

The current competitive and tight labor market is predicted by many industry leaders to last until the pandemic ends. As companies struggle to find top talent, many of them could be losing out on top talent if they have a slow interview process.

Your interview process is the first impression candidates have of your company and it may last throughout their tenure. If they have an unpleasant experience and do not accept your role, there is a chance this news will spread to others, decreasing competitive hiring advantages.

As a hiring department, it is easy to become overwhelmed by 100s of resumes per open role, constant feedback loops with candidates, and requests from numerous hiring managers with different needs. The tips below come from our experience in many industries supporting 190+ companies and 1000s of interactions with candidates.

 3 Tips For Faster And More Efficient Hiring Process:  

Assume your candidate is interviewing at other places.

It might sound simple and obvious, but it is important to make sure all hiring managers in your organization are aware of the speed of the current hiring market.  If you take 3-4 weeks to respond or complete the hiring process, top candidates could have moved on elsewhere.  

Attracting top talent should be a high priority and thoroughly planned out. If your hiring manager’s communication structure is not clear and quick, then candidates might feel their time and expertise are not being respected. 

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate.

With the growing popularity of lengthy aptitude tests, behavioral assessments, and deliverables asked of candidates, it is easy to get lost in a sea of confusion with seeking the “perfect candidate.”

Your company is not perfect and is always evolving – treat candidates the same. A simple introductory conversation might tell you more than numerous amplitude tests. Do not solely rely on software to analyze the person behind the resume.

Why should they work for your company?

Appeal to the candidates on a human level. What is going to make them enjoy working at your company?

In our experience, we see the following as deciding factors for many candidates:

  • Culture:
      • This involves a unified mission and vision that is shared by the entire company.
  • Flexibility:
      • Many candidates are seeking flexible options with their office location and work schedules.
  • Professional Development:
      • It is enticing to have a roadmap for the candidate to grow with your company through ongoing training and development.

Every company faces unique challenges with finding and retaining amazing talent, and I hope these tips provide value to meet your hiring goals!

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