What is Subscription Recruiting? 

Subscription Recruiting is an innovative approach to outdated recruiting industry models. The goal of this disruptive solution is to provide consistency in recruiting support, offer flexibility to adjust hiring needs quickly, and lower costs through a monthly service that eliminates fees based on salaries. 


Traditional Recruiting

Pain Points:

  • Transactional service and inconsistent support  
      • Transactional service and inconsistent support as recruiters are only engaged in the shortterm and gravitate to roles, they perceive are easier to fill or will generate the highest commission.
  • Fees based on salaries 
      • Unable to provide consistent revenue to acquire good internal talent and scale a productive, results-driven process. 
  • High cost and inconsistent budget 
      • Large peaks and valleys in spending not only cost more, but they make it difficult to plan and budget when seeking ongoing recruiting support and an extension of the team.

Subscription Recruiting

Model Solution: 

  • We are NOT transactional. 
      • We succeed when you succeed and serve as an extension of your team learning about your company culture and what makes an ideal candidate to build your pipeline with more enduring matches.
  • NO fees based on salaries.  
      • A consistent monthly fee allows companies to not only lower costs, but also budget and plan for ongoing support leading to an increase in long-term recruitment ROI. 
  • We communicate and consult with you.  
      • By setting clear expectations in the beginning with regularly planned communication, we exchange feedback and remain transparent at every stage to deliver consistent results.  

Traditional recruiting models have been mired in stagnation for decades overlooking what clients really want, not only in better alignment with recruiting partners but also in predictable affordable solutions to extend the reach and impact of their internal team. 

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