Is Subscription Recruitment Right for Your Company? 

Recruiting great talent is never easy. It requires filtering through hundreds of resumes, countless conversations, and interviews with candidates, with no guarantee you will find the person you are looking for (even if you are an experienced recruiter). 

The Staff Pad’s subscription recruiting model handles all that heavy lifting while offering a cost-saving alternative that builds long-term consistency through a monthly service. It focuses on a fruitful long-term business partnership that generates tangible results and drives top talent.  

Partnership with The Staff Pad

  • We assist with any volume of need for new hires 
      • Assist companies with a high volume and need for hires coming from multiple areas by collaborating with internal recruiting teams to expand resources/bandwidth, eliminate competition, align incentives, and becoming a true extension to the team.  
  • We handle all hiring functions 
      • Handle all recruiting and hiring functions where companies are understaffed in recruiting or lack the function altogether. 
  • We help to scale your company 
      • Help scale fast-growing companies, including those that have received capital as a growth catalyst, broadly or with a specific high-volume area of need by offering support at every stage of the hiring process from sourcing to onboarding.  
  • We offer flexible partnership 
      • Work with companies on temporary or seasonal projects allowing them to flex the breadth of their internal recruitment capabilities and execute on time sensitive projects while not neglecting other needs of the organization. 
  • We offload and support your internal team 
      • Direct efforts on a specific high-volume area of need, function, or department with above-average attrition while the internal team focuses on other areas to maximize the overall effectiveness of the team. 
  • Collaboration 
      • Collaborating companies to build new verticals, service lines, departments, and teams that will require the initial hiring of a leader followed by subsequent hiring of team members. 
  • Customized approach 
      • When usual and customary means of recruitment are not getting the job done and urgency and opportunity cost require the need for a different approach. 

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