3 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing Videos 

Attracting a steady flow of top talent to your company and enticing them to apply to open roles is complex and requires a unique approach to stand out from the crowd. It is not enough to post on job boards or cold outreaches to potential candidates, you need compelling solutions. 

Recruitment Marketing is a hiring strategy that leverages many communication channels to attract engagement from job seekers. This can include recruiting through social media, digital marketing, emails, billboards, press, online ads, job fairs, and video marketing. The Recruitment Marketing concept has been around for years, but we will focus on video marketing for now.  

Recruitment marketing videos provide a compelling look at the value of your company and brand. Video content is king when it comes to driving interactions and helps attract job seekers to your company. 

We see growing success with companies who use recruiting videos and want to share a few benefits of the innovative approach.  

Benefits of Recruitment Marketing Videos: 

Enhance the Candidate Experience 

As a job seeker, spending hours filtering through jobs and companies can feel like you are watching the movie Groundhog Day.  

Having candidate-centric video campaigns humanizes the recruiting process and gives job seekers a real-life glimpse into your company. Capture video interviews of current employees and leaders voicing their passions and testimonials of the company. Promote and utilize these videos to attract candidates and share with your current workforce. 

Video Tip: Speak to the candidates directly, not just a broad explanation of the company. A notable example is a video of your CEO thanking new candidates for applying and highlighting the company’s culture and mission.  Email this to all who apply. A simple gesture like this can go a long way with attracting top talent.  

Strengthen Talent Pipelines 

Building strong hiring pipelines can be difficult and takes significant resources to reach large numbers of job seekers.  

The pipeline is meant to house a database of candidates but should also funnel them to apply. This funnel creates awareness, interest, decision, and action (applying).  

With videos, candidates are guided through the entire funnel much faster and strengthen your pipeline for long-term success. Videos are proven to increase engagement over text and images.  

Reduces Hiring Costs 

The expenses of promoting jobs through job boards, paid ads, and outreach to candidates manually by hiring teams can add up quickly.  

Videos create a scalable option since they create more exposure through shares, engagements, and applications when used with hiring posts. Having compelling videos will continue to attract talent ongoing by promoting your company’s brand and culture. You save even more on hiring when qualified candidates come to you and understand your culture. 


At Staff Pad, we provide multimedia Recruitment Marketing programs to give our clients a competitive edge in the tight labor market. Reach out to learn more about our recruitment marketing and video resources!