What hires do you need to work in your startup?

Where to search employees for startups?

The most common resource is, of course, your own group of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Then, using a professional agency, attending job fairs and using their networking opportunities to meet people who are good candidates for high-potential startup employees.

When you start looking for employees, first hire for top positions. They can immediately get down to business and also look for employees on their own. It’s a good tactic.

10 must-have roles for startups

Let’s talk about the main 10 roles that are needed in a startup. It is essential to identify them and understand what their role entails.

1. The founder of the startup

The founder is the main figure in the company. He or she is the one who:

  • Has the big idea and the one who wants to implement it.
  • Hires the first employees
  • Has the final word in the company.
  • Is responsible for the startup’s success.
  • Is going to be the face of the company.

2. The co-founder

The co-founder is the one who is going to work with the founder. He or she is the second in command in the company, like the right hand of the founder. But also he/she can have the equal rights with another co-founder.

3. Chief executive officer (CEO) + chief operations officer (COO)

They are top executives. You may disagree: the company is small, why does it need such positions? Well, because people will look up to outstanding leaders, and when they will know who exactly is at the helm, they won’t hesitate to join. You should know that this is not a position for the sake of a position. The CEO and COO must be true leaders and professionals.

4. Chief technology officer (CTO) or VP Engineering

The first role is the chief of all technical processes. They defines tech strategy, tools, processes, and the workflow for their teams. Also, they manages many aspects of hiring appropriate tech pros.

5. Product Manager and Project Manager

Most startups are about products. So you need someone smart who will be in charge of all product development and strategy. If you divide your workflow into processes and projects, you should hire the perfect Project Manager. Having certified Product Management Training a huge plus!

6. Chief marketing officer (CMO)

No product or company can survive the 21st century without digital marketing. The marketer must draw up a suitable marketing strategy and be able to use their tools most effectively, to conduct effective advertising campaigns.

7. SMM, PR, Communication Manager

For startups PR is mostly external. So you definitely need the voice of the company who will represent your startup in Media, Social Media, will be in touch with influencers, and so on. Content marketing also works well in collaboration with your marketer. This can also be outsourced.

8. Sales manager or Business development manager

You definitely need someone to sell your startup’s product. They reach out to potential clients with cold calls and emails, and processes leads generated as a result of your PR activity and marketer’s work.

BizDev (Business Development Manager) performs almost the same but also looks for expanding the business connections, new fields, and areas.

9. Financial manager, or accountant, or general business administrator

You need to delegate the functions of paying taxes, salaries, dealing with clients to the right person. Especially the role of a financial manager or even a CFO, increases when a startup prepares to receive a round of funding from investors.

10. Client Support Manager

We do not know of a single product or service for which customers would not have questions, clarifications, requests. Every client’s question must be answered. It’s a matter of honor for any business, not just a startup.

Important note

When your startup grows, you need more employees. A corporate culture appears and evolves. So in future you will also need a Recruiter or HR manager. Or even Talent Acquisition Manager. But that is another story. At the beginning of your startup’s journey, the  powerful way is to outsource your recruiting to a professional agency.